START:  Safety Training and Range Time

Course Fee:  $100

Duration:  2 + hours

START is designed to give new firearms owners a hands-on introduction to safe handling and use with their specific handgun in a course setting of four or fewer students.   This course includes classroom and range time.  Students will learn:

  • Firearms knowledge and safety
  • Ammunition basics
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Shooting drills in the range
  • Range rules, safety and etiquette
  • Cleaning and maintenance

This course is perfect for new firearms enthusiasts with little to no firearms experience.  After spending 2 + hours with our trainers you will feel and be confident and ready to start your firearms journey.

What to bring to your START course:

  • Your firearm in it’s case
  • 50 rounds (minimum) of ammunition
  • Eye/ear protection (PPFT can also supply these)
  • A lite coat or sweater as the range can get chilly when you are under the fans